Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) Certificate # MWCERT2015-297

NYS Vendor ID #491016   *   SIC Code #0181   *   PSC Code #F010   *   Certified Arborist  FL-5656A   *   CAGE Code #7C7E4

NAICS #111421 Nursery & Tree Production, NAICS #424930 Nursery Stock Wholesale Supplier, NAICS #444220 Nursery, Garden Center, Farm SupplyNAICS #561730 Landscaping Services, NAICS # 562910 Remediation Services, NAICS #238910 Site Preparation Contractors, NAICS #562998 Misc. Waste Mgmt Services

NFBG’s team of experts are currently working on the cultivation of many natives and desired ornamental plants for restoration and landscape use. We are focused on being a solution provider for municipalities looking to secure quality plant material. We can help you with selection of appropriate material for specified areas for re-vegetation and erosion control.

NFBG’s goal is to produce quality plant material locally. This means that your plant material will already be acclimated to the northeast region, reducing the risk of transplant shock.  It can also save you on freight when you need a delivery to the city, we are only 1 1/2 hours outside of NYC.

Building relationships that go beyond one time projects and provide value to our clients consistently.

NFBG Growing for Federal, State and Local Procurement